Other activities for 2015-2016

Borealis Mountain Lodge

Sarek National Park, Swedish Lappland

Your Dream in the Far North…


Join us up here above the Arctic Circle in the fabulous mountains, rivers and forests

of Europe’s Last Wilderness! We are in the northern part of Sweden, easily accessible from Stockholm with the famous “Nattåg”, the Train to the Mountains…

Activities for 2016

 NB- Prices will shortly be updated!

Northern Lights

Until april 20, we welcome our guests for the last breathes of this winter.

You will be living at our Borealis Lodge, a full comfort  luxurious chalet in the middle of the wilderness; every day guided activities (sleddog, ski trips, snowshoes and more) will bring you to admire the surroundings of this Nordic paradise!

Price: 1000 euros per person with minimum 4 persons (includes the stay at the Lodge, breakfast, dinner and the use of our equipment, skis, etc,; doesn’t include costs of your travel ), 1 week.



It’s our “answer” to the cancer of Heliskiing which is destroying even the most remote wild corners of our Planet. We will approach the mountains in the most silent way possible: with the dogs pulling the sleds, as in a Jack London tale! Based in a traditional Sami tent (Lavvu) every day we will enjoy as kids climbing up and down majestic peaks and snowy slopes with our skis…

NB: this program is also suitable for those who are not high standard skiers.

Price: 2500 euros per person all included except your travel  (yes, unfortunately high, due to the dogs…, but it is really worthy), minimum 4 persons, 1 week.

Soft alternative: we will reach the mountains and the Lavvu with our own legs (on skis pulling a small sled behind….: as true explorers!): 1200 eu per person (min 4 persons).


Wild Sarek

For experts. From the Lodge,  we will enter into the great wild Sarek (Europe’s last wilderness) with skis and pulling our sleds. With a circular trek, we will visit the best heart of this mountains in about 10 days… Unique experience!

Price: 1500 euros per person all included (not the travel), minimum 3 persons.


Wild Sarek 2

Under request we also propose the complete ski traverse of Sarek National Park. Mid march to mid may.


Autumns full colors!

Fall time (from end august to about September 20) up here is “the Magical Time”… Even from Japan people are coming to witness its wordless colors during the day and the first majestic Northern Lights in the evening. We propose stays of 7 or 10 or 15 days here at our Lodge with daily guided activities (hikes, canoe, meet the Sami people, etc…). This is an ideal holiday also for families with kids from 5 years old.


-1000 euros per persons for 7 or 10 days.

-1600 euros per person for 15 days.

Prices are always with minimum 4 persons, excluded the travel; kids are for free until 14 years old.


Rapadalen Canoe

You will enter Sarek’s National Park through its most majestic “gate”…, the Rapadalen Delta with breath taking colors of the autumn….: a LIFE TIME Experience.


ZEN Mountain Retreat      NEW!!

The great new from this year: a Zen experience here at the Lodge with Master Videha (www.pilgrimsofemptyness.com), the right combination between nature’s silence with your inner silence

Period: from 4 to 11 october.

Price of the Zen retreat with the stay at our Lodge: 800 euros (excluded the travel).

After the retreat we will also offer the possibility to stay by us for another week (with only 360 euros extra), in order to keep your quietness and hunting for more Northern Lights…!


The Remote Cabin…


If our Lodge is already into the wilds…, this small hermitage made of logs it’s even more nestled into the deeper wilderness; you can reach it in about 2 hours hike on your legs or by skis. It is a true retreat from the world, for those who are in search of it; even if for a few days, you will feel for sure Earth’s powerful energy. You will bring your own food and we rent it for 20 euros per day.


Christmas 2015

….as every year…, we suggest to hurry for booking! Ideal also for families with kids!


Borealis Mountain Lodge, 0046 073 822 3950 – borealislodge68@gmail.com

We live up here all year round; we are therefore ready to fulfill any wish you may propose us!


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