BOREALIS WILDERNESS LODGE - At Home in the Far North Wilderness…

Sarek National Park, Swedish Lappland, well above the Arctic Circle…

Great Adventure in the Far North – Scenic Wild Skiing (either Cross Country either Mountaineering Ski) – Scenic Rivers Canoeing – Adventure Camps for Kids – Wilderness Hiking – Mountain Bike – Ski traverses in Pristine Wilderness – Remote Peaks Climbing – Ice Climbing – Dog Sledding adventures under the Northern Light (as if in a Jack London’s tale….!) – Pure Exploration – Pure Simple Rest at the Lodge…. – Meditation – Listening… –  and also…: Dolomites (Alps)!   


The Lodge is located at the entrance of the vast Sarek National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Area since 1996. This choice was made by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to its remoteness, wild outstanding beauty, abundant wildlife and the still active presence of the ancient Sami people.

We call this place our… “Little Alaska”…!



Experience the Wilderness in the Alaska of Europe!

We are a family from South Tyrol, the north east part of the Alps between Austria and Dolomiti Mountains in Italy. I have been a professional Mountain Guide and am an Explorer… We use to spend winters up here in the north of Sweden and rest of the year at home in the Alps…; we love cold and snow and hate mosquitoes… We love the sun disappearing day by day here in the autumn and then we love to see it (extremely) slowly coming back by beginning of February.

We love silence and spaces; from this comes our main desire: share it, share this northic paradise with all those who will come to visit us. You will feel home up here with the Borealis family! 

NB- You find general and detailed infos here; and also you are welcome to surf our web site clicking on the buttons which have either Italian as English translation. For any other question, anyway, please, do not esitate to contact us: see botton “Contact Us”.




First of all, why the name “Borealis Wilderness Lodge”? Because the Northern Light (Aurora Borealis..) is the Queen up here from September to April!!

Second…: what exactly is a Mountain Lodge?

This explanation would not be necessary if we were in Alaska or in the Canadian Rockies where the tradition of Mountain Lodges is, since long time, well known among all those who seek Silence and life in the Outdoors; a reality which is much less traditional here in Europe where instead we have the alpine huts as closest to a mountain Lodge.

It is only among the Scandinavian Mountains (so similar to Alaska for climate and landscape) that we can find something looking much alike a Mountain or Wilderness Lodge: it is infact up here nestled deep into the wild woods and mountains of northern Sweden, that you can find our Borealis Wilderness Lodge…

A Lodge is therefore a Cabin, or a Chalet made of beautiful wood logs and equiped with all comforts you need, even though you are deep into the wildest most wonderfull wilderness we still have in Europe. It is a home, we can say, a luxurious home deep into the wilds of the Far North; a place were you can simply Rest and Listen.

Where you can also choose whether enjoying or not, all the outdoors activities which the surroundings offer…: hiking, canoeing, skiing, berry picking in the autumn’s breathtaking colours…, heliskiing or summer scenic flights, mountain biking and meeting the traditional people: the Sami (the people of Lappland).

Have a look at our GALLERY to get an idea…..!! 


Christmas in the Far North -. Special Offer!

Hallo to everybody!

Today (21 september 2016) the first snow fell here over the Borealis Wilderness Lodge and sky was filled with chanting Cranes, Ducks and Swans flying southwards…: it is the annual announcement that from now on winter will approach fast! Will this coming winter (choosing any period from this Christmas until next April 2017) be the one whose snow you too will ski on…? That is what we wish, even more for this reason: the Northern Lights activity it’s expected to be very high next winter; as far as today, we can already confirm that never we saw so many and such Auroras already during the month of September…!

That is why we are writing this invitation: whoever will be interested, will have the opportunity to be our guest this Christmas with an incredible offer of 1000 euros per person (minimum 5 persons) which will include:

-stay at Borealis Lodge (full pension, breakfast and dinner; lunch is in the outdoors!)

-daily guided activities in the wilderness and rental of needed equipment

-Not included travel and other activities (see detailed list)


We are up here on top of Europe waiting for you!

A great hug from the Far North by the www.borealislodge.org!

Ario, Brina, Manu & Dogs


Borealis Wilderness Lodge – Your Dream in the Far North



Info Kayakers and canoeists : no way to paddle by canoe from Tjaktjajaure Lake to Lǻitaure Lake: you have to drag your canoe on wheels all the way to Guolloluoppal (Lǻitaure) along the very easy broad path…: an higly desirable trip, specially if you then continue into amazing Rapadalen and Sarek…

Then, it becomes A Lifetime Journey!


From 4 to 10 october 2016:

Zen Mountain Retreat at Borealis Wilderness Lodge!


Osho  Zazen  Meditation  Retreat

C:\Users\aronica gabriele\Pictures\awesome_photos_640_56.jpg

Sarek National Park.       Lapland.       Sweden

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“To know means to be silent, completely silent, so that you can hear the silent inner voice within. To know means to leave the ordinary mind behind. When you are completely silent, when nothing is moving inside of you, the door opens.”   Osho

A meditative space, where awareness and watching are the path and the practice.  An individual journey into the depths of what and who we are, and a deep exploration and confrontation with our own mind’s and heart’s illusions and dreams.

Remembering, and diving into the underground stream of the silence and peace of our true nature. Meditation itself is the Retreat, a revealing, an uncovering of our innate wisdom.

An intense process of Zazen sitting, Zen walking, Haiku, (the Zen enlightened form of poetry), and Osho insights and guidance. Most of the retreat will be in silence. Some previous experience in meditation is required.

 C:\Users\aronica gabriele\Pictures\Osho pic. selection\osho_1.jpg






“As the birds sing each morning at sunrise, the heart fills with song at the dawn of meditation. As flowers bloom in spring, the soul is drenched in fragrance as meditation is born. As everything  glisters green beneath the rain,  consciousness shines with many colors as meditation showers. All this and much more  takes  place, and this is only the beginning.  Ultimately, everything  goes:  fragrance, color, light, music… everything disappears.    And an inner space, like the sky, appears.  Empty,  formless, without  quality…”      OSHO.


“Meditation: The Silence of the mind, the Silence of the heart.”

C:\Users\aronica gabriele\Pictures\Videha photo\Meili-Shan 2008.jpg

Videha.Osho disciple since 1980. Initiated into the Mevlevi Sufi Order of Konya ( “The Whirling Dervishes” ), Videha integrates the Sufi Path into Osho’s vision and love. For years as a Zazen meditation practitioner, he has traveled and trained in Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Central Asia, Japan, Tibet, where he got many initiations.  He is leading groups, seminars, camps and meditation retreats all over the world since more then 28 years, uniting the path of love and the path of meditation.          “All the work is inspired by Osho teachings, my Master, and an endless source of compassion and wisdom, an inexhaustible mine of countless Dharma teaching treasures”.



“Zen is a special transmission outside the scriptures. No dependence on words and letters. Direct pointing to the mind of man. Seeing into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood.”

C:\Users\aronica gabriele\Pictures\Zazen Images\Zen circle.jpg


4  -  10  October  2015

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“Beyond the blue sky”  Zazen Retreat will happen  in Sweden, at the Sarek National Park, in the heart of Lapland, the land of the Northern Lights; a wonder of nature, a place where to experience again the “Ahhhh….” , seeing and feeling the marvelous beauty of a silent fairyland.    “…Northern Light : purity and grace caressing the sky, remembering that we, humans,  belong to the same purity…” . A reminder of a space, a nature, that still exists, outside and inside of us.

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